Mideast steel standards to be analyzed at conference




The Middle East Steel Conference for Oil & Gas will be held at the Ritz Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre, from Tuesday.
The three-day conference, a forum facilitating the exchange of practical experiences in all aspects of steel production and protection engineering, is organized by Knowledge Expansion in conjunction with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Aramco, ASM Saudi Arabia Chapter, and the Society of Protective Coatings.
Earlier this year, the World Steel Association in its Short Range Outlook (SRO) for 2013 and 2014 forecasted that global apparent steel use will increase by 2.9 percent to 1,454 Mt in 2013, following a growth of 1.2 percent in 2012. In 2014, it is forecast that world steel demand will grow further by 3.2 percent and will reach 1,500 Mt.
With the theme of the event this year being “Modeling the future of steel standards in the Middle East,” the conference will cover three major areas related to the industry, which includes pipeline steel, structural steel, and steel protection using industrial coating, all of which will run in parallel with each other across the three days.
The objective of the event is to provide those in the industry with a platform to bring steel producers, steel protection companies as well as regional and international product and service providers together.
MESC’s aim is to bridge the communication gap between the various facets of the steel industry such as steel mills, pipe manufactures, construction makers, coating companies and end users, as well as discuss the technological developments to seek solutions that will help engineers overcome challenges faced with regards to enhancing the life of steel structures.
Speaking about the conference, Rafeeq Kunhi, Knowledge Expansion, said: “Realizing the lack of a comprehensive forum focusing solely on the steel industry, we initiated MESC. We hope by doing this, we will be able to provide our delegates with targeted, insightful, and relevant information.”
The pipeline agenda will cover topics on the development, review and improvements of international standards and specifications for testing pipeline material; new developments of welding methods for pipeline steels; enhancing steel production to better energy management; quality control and quality assurance in pipe manufacturing Industry; new technologies and improvements in nondestructive testing methods and applications in pipe manufacturing industry; and improvements in tensile property behavior for high grade pipe material.
Keynote speakers at the conference include Duane K. Miller, manager, Engineer Services, The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio USA; Jitendra Patel, MD, International Metallurgy Ltd. (UK); and John E. Aller, associate director, Materials Technology Institute (MTI).


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