Michael Douglas Never Had Throat Cancer — Here’s Why He Lied


Earlier this week, Michael Douglas revealed that he actually had tongue cancer, not the throat cancer he first talked about back in 2010.

It’s his body and his decision what he reveals, but he explained why he didn’t share the whole truth from the start.

“This was right before I had a big tour for Wall Street, so we kind of said, ‘There’s no way we can cancel the tour and say we don’t feel well,'” Michael told actor Samuel L. Jackson for the U.K. talk show This Morning (via People). “I said, ‘You’ve just got to come out and just tell them I’ve got cancer and that’s it.'”

The doctor reportedly found a walnut-sized tumor at the base of the actor’s tongue. According to Michael, the surgeon suggested they just say it’s throat cancer, so they wouldn’t have to talk about the difficult surgery he could’ve faced for tongue cancer, which would’ve included losing part of his jaw and tongue.

Michael was declared tumor-free in January 2011, and it’s not really clear why he’s coming clean now, but there you go. He had tongue cancer, not throat cancer.

Michael, who is “working things out” with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, previously discussed a link between cunnilingus and oral cancer. If ever he were going to refrain from sharing the full truth, maybe that should’ve been the time!



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