Was shutdown fight worth it? Obama might think so


It is almost over.

The mood in Congress is still nervous and anxious, but there is a general assumption that before the day is out they will vote to lift the debt ceiling and reopen the government.

I’m still waiting to hear more from Republicans in the House.

The assumption is that they will swallow their pride and abandon their stand without anything much in return, and move on to the next battle.

This may be mistaken. They may still be getting messages to stand firm.

But it is worth noting leading conservative blogs are not urging a last stand in the Senate or the House.

One Tea Party-backed Republican, Michele Bachmann, has told the BBC that she won’t be voting for the deal, but it will pass. She says the fight was worth it.

President Barack Obama will never say the same, but he may think it.

All along he has said he would refuse to pay a ransom and it looks, at the time of writing, that his refusal to bargain has paid off.



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