Substitute Teacher Curses Out 8th-Graders in Classroom Rant


A substitute teacher in Louisiana was caught on tape launching into a profanity-laced tirade aimed at a misbehaving eighth grade class.

The teacher will not be allowed to teach in that school district again, but the district has yet to determine if she will be disciplined.

Bob Bowden, Founder of Choice Media, and former high school academic dean Jedediah Bila joined Jamie Colby on America’s Newsroom to weigh in.

Bowden said while it’s possible to have sympathy for substitutes that walk into a misbehaving class, they should know the series of disciplinary escalations that are available to them short of losing their temper.

Bila said it was the school’s responsibility to check in with the teacher and explain the protocol for handling misbehaving students.

“They should have been sort of watching, especially if you have a new teacher coming in to the school who obviously doesn’t know the protocol, doesn’t know the kind of classroom that she’s going to be dealing with.”


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