Sylvester Stallone to Exhibit Paintings in St. Petersburg


Hollywood tough guy Sylvester Stallone will take a break from killing bad guys on screen to reveal his more sensitive side in a retrospective of his paintings that will be exhibited in St. Petersburg’s Russian Museum later this month.

“It’s very, very flattering because there’s so many great artists in the world,” Stallone said Wednesday in an interview on the US television show “Good Morning America.”

“But for some reason, they chose me to go over there and show this 40-year retrospective of all the paintings from the beginning up until now, which I thought was really odd. And also, fantastically – a fantastic opportunity” Stallone added.

Stallone, who was promoting his latest movie “Escape Plan,” added that “eventually” he would like to focus more of his time on art and sculpture.

The retrospective will run from Oct. 27 to the middle of January at the Russian Museum’s gallery in Saint Michael’s Castle, according to the museum’s website.

Stallone is scheduled to attend the opening and will tour the museum’s permanent collection, which includes masterpieces by Russian artists such as Ivan Kramskoi and the world’s largest collection of works by the famous avant-garde painter Kazimir Malevich.




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