UK child poverty on rise, social mobility falling


With the impact of the economic crisis still rippling throughout much of Europe and other economically developed countries, the issues of child poverty and social mobility have come to the fore.

This has prompted the establishment of the social mobility and child poverty commission to investigate the situation in the UK, with the independent panel releasing its report at a press conference on Thursday.

This is the report which was compiled on social mobility and child poverty by former politicians and officials from all three major parties. The report points to 3 major Factors contributing to a rise in child poverty including the economic crisis, a cut to family income and, most tellingly, cuts to public spending.

Commission chairman Alan Milburn, a Former MP and government Minister under the previous Labour government, announced the report’s findings, and expressed fears that anemic economic growth wouldn’t be enough to both bring children out of poverty and allow for the poor to rise in society

The Issue cuts across several inter-linked dilemmas. A rise in university fees has meant that access to higher education has become limited, making it harder for those from poorer backgrounds to gain well paid jobs and rise up the social and economic ladder.

and real-term drops in wages for the lowest earners mean that even those working are still living in poverty.

The report concludes that the government is not on track to meet its statutory goal of reducing child poverty by 2020. With the cost of child poverty being estimated at £29 billion a year, the commission says that the cost of failure, both financially and socially, is too high to bear thinking about.



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