Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev: “Azerbaijan will never allow the establishment of the second fictitious Armenian state on its territory”

 “The priority of our foreign policy, of course, is the Armenian- Azerbaijani Nagorno -Karabakh conflict issue”, – Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on October 19, at the inauguration ceremony, APA reports.


The President expressed his regret at the fact that over the years the conflict has not been resolved: “The main reason for this is a hypocritical policy unconstructive position of Armenia and, unfortunately, in the indifference of the international community and the parties directly involved in the matter. For over 20 years, are grossly violated the norms of international law. Four UN Security Council resolutions are not met, the country of the occupant is not under pressure. In that case, of course, attached a unilateral diplomatic efforts could not bring success.”


The Head of State noted that Nagorno- Karabakh is native Azerbaijani land, an integral part of Azerbaijan: “The whole world recognizes Nagorno- Karabakh as an integral part of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s position on this issue is unambiguous, based on justice and historical truth. Our historical land – Nagorno -Karabakh today is an integral part of Azerbaijan and the political and legal point of view. On the issue of the territorial integrity of any assignment is not out of the question. Azerbaijan will never allow the establishment of the second fictitious Armenian state on its territory. Our unique position, I want to say, based on the historical justice and international law. At the same time made over the last ten years, steps to resolve the conflict, adopted in international organizations solutions, of course, further strengthen our position.”


According to the president of Azerbaijan over the past decade, several influential organizations have taken to reflect the fair resolution relating to the settlement of Armenian- Azerbaijani Nagorno -Karabakh conflict: “Among them – the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the Non-Aligned Movement and other organizations. I believe that our efforts in this direction will be continued. Because if the resolution does not directly lead to the settlement of the conflict, we must further strengthen its legal framework. Countries belonging to the organization that I mentioned earlier, the absolute majority of the world community. Thus, the position of the absolute majority of the international community is clear. Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity is not in doubt, and the conflict must be resolved only within the framework of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. We will continue to enhance its political and diplomatic efforts, and will continue to hold Armenia in the isolated state. Its political and regional initiatives, economic initiatives, we must be even more pressure.”


Ilham Aliyev said that Azerbaijan’s diplomacy on the issue and will continue to be offensive: “Since truth, justice, international law is on our side. I have no doubt that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity. Along with this, the stronger will be Azerbaijan, the sooner the issue is to be resolved. With this purpose in Azerbaijan as economic reform and the building of the army in the last ten years is a high rate.”


President Ilham Aliyev said that the military budget has grown more than 20 times: «The Azerbaijani army is one of the strongest armies in the world. Acquired over the past ten years weapons, ammunition, military equipment has broken the military balance between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Our advantage is measured times. At the same time, over the last ten years was established in Azerbaijan military- industrial complex, which was not in previous years. Today, there are dozens of factories produced military equipment 750 titles. Thus, we create a new production sites and at the same time reducing dependence on foreign arms markets. I believe that in the coming years, we will take another big step for building the army, further strengthen our army. I am confident that these factors, diplomatic efforts and, hopefully, the ratio of the big powers in this matter will lead to solving the problem.”


According to the head of state, he has no doubt that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity: “It is fact that we want to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Of course, this issue must be resolved on the basis of the norms and principles of international law. To have a more powerful army in Azerbaijan and will continue to be pursued economic reforms. “


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