Founder of ‘halal’ sex shop welcomes high demand from Muslim women


 The founder of an online sex shop, marked for selling ‘halal’ products, said the website attracted a higher number of demands for women’s products than expected, in an interview with the daily Birgün.

Welcoming women and men in separate sections, one of the website’s owners, Haluk Murat Demirel, said the website offered a comfortable environment for its customers, including women.

He cited nudity in similar websites as the main reason why women avoid them.

He also noted that approximately 45 percent of the sales made included women’s products.

When asked whether the firm was planning to open a store apart from the website, Demirel said they would not, as the people do not feel comfortable when entering sex stores.

He also added the website drew negative reactions from leftist and non-religious groups, despite having support from the more religious people.



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