Little boy hugs Pope Francis during ceremony, refuses to leave


Thousands of Catholics attended the Year of Faith ceremony in St. Peter’s Square, but one kid got closer to the pope than anyone else in the crowd.

 A child embraces Pope Francis as he leads a special audience with families at St. Peter Square on Saturday.

Thou shalt hug thy neighbor.

A little boy surprised Pope Francis with a hug as he addressed a rapt crowd at Vatican City Saturday.

Pope Francis lightly patted the boy on the head as he continued to speak.

The Holy Father didn’t appear to mind and lightly patted the kid on the head before he was finally ushered back to his seat.

The child in the stripped rugby shirt was just one in a group of children who were invited to sit on the pope’s platform for the Year of Faith celebration, NBC reported.

The boy not only got a hug, he got a lot of attention after he refused to go directly back to his seat.

For the big event, speakers from across the globe discussed the value of faith and family with thousands of Catholic pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square.

But the little boy seemed more interested in hanging out with the pope than sitting still for the ceremony.

He wandered over Francis and refused to leave his side.


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