Top 10 beauty mistakes


Many women think that applying a lot of makeup equals beauty. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Sometimes you need to brush off that extra makeup to give the look you want. The art of blending makeup is the best kept secret of a beauty routine.
Often, gorgeous ladies prefer to get their makeup done professionally but one can get just the right look by using makeup intelligently. Women are known for being obsessed with beauty and their perceived physical imperfections. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that.
It is often said that ‘beauty is skin deep.’ The correct choice of lip or eye color can enhance the inner beauty of women and project the positive aspects of their personality.
A confident woman is a force to be reckoned with. You have to believe that you are beautiful just the way you are. Wishing to look like that other woman in the office and telling yourself ‘if only’ will only make you feel worthless. Let me show you how to bring out the confidence and inner beauty in you.
The most common fallacy is to think that beauty comes in a makeup kit. This is just not true.
There are 10 mistakes which you must never make if you want to look presentable:
1. Boo boo eyes lashes:
When poorly done, we could end up looking like the witch from famous fairy tales. Select false eye lashes that come in pieces because they give a more natural look. Secondly, start from the outer corners of the eyes to make them open up and prevent the clumpy or flaky look.
2. Extra creamy topping
We all love extra topping on cakes and pastries but certainly not on flawless skin. Painting your face with layers of unwanted colors will leave you looking like a clown. Make sure you use a very mild foundation. Also remove any obvious makeup with a damp sponge.

3. Dry skin.
Many times, we neglect the most important part of our beauty routine which is taking care of dry skin. So, moisturize dry skin by slathering on a good quality body lotion on a daily basis.
4. Hopping eye shadow:
Applying eye shadow is just like covering your eye lids with your senses and moods. Always select colors that make your eyelids look smooth and not discolored. The preferred colors are sage and jewel tones.
5. Chapped lips:
Lips are the most eye-catching feature on the face. For dry, chapped lips, use Vaseline before applying lipstick and see the huge difference this will make.
6. Loud lipstick:
Be smart in your choice of lipstick and choose a shade that complements your complexion. Make sure the lipstick gives a smooth texture to the lips.
7. Body odor:
Let heads turn when you pass by. Use a suitable body scent or deodorant that will enhance your personality.
8. Over exfoliating:
Exfoliating is a great routine but overdoing it will cause irritation and dryness. So be careful in choosing exfoliating scrubs. Also never exfoliate just before applying makeup.
9. Conceal age spots or wrinkles smartly:
One has to accept the aging factor and be positive about it. Application of foundation with a moisture base can hide the obvious effects of aging such wrinkles or age spots. Use a good sunscreen as a base before applying a moisturizing foundation.
10. Frizzy and stiff hair:
A woman’s beauty lies in her hair. Always go for a simple and manageable hairstyle which is appealing and presentable. Often, we use too much hairspray or gel which leaves the hair limp and lifeless. It is better to use a mild conditioner that will last through the day. You can also make up your hair in soft easy waves and even do it up in a simple pony tail which will boost your personality. Avoid going for a high maintenance hair style.
It is every woman’s dream to be pampered, made up and well dressed every day of her life and this is possible with the right attention to detail. In Asian countries, where women are forced to forgo their identity if they want to look beautiful, there is wisdom in using makeup smartly.



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