The famous singer said he was unaware of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and felt a deep respect and sympathy for Azerbaijan


Baku – APA. World famous singer Al Bano, whose name has been included in the list of “persona non grata” by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, has sent a letter to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Italy, spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Elman Abdullayev told APA.

Abdullayev said the singer expressed his regret over the fact that his name was included in the black list: “In his letter, the Italian singer stressed that he was unaware of the regional problems, Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and said felt a deep respect and sympathy for the Republic of Azerbaijan. Al Bano noted he did not have any political goals, he is just a musician. The singer said that it would be a great honor for him to visit Azerbaijan again, presented his music and expressed respect to the beautiful people of Azerbaijan. He also expressed his hope that Azerbaijan would give him this opportunity again.”

Abdullayev said that official Baku would consider the appeal of Al Bano: “As you now, Azerbaijan takes this issue very seriously and sensitively. We declared while publishing the list of personae non grata that Baku will consider removal of their names from the list, if they express their remorse for visiting the occupied territories and respect to our country. This list is not forever.”

As for the decision on the removal of Al Bano’s name from the list, Elman Abdullayev advised to follow the list on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

Sanremo Music Festival participants and winners Al Bano and other famous singers will perform in Azerbaijan for the first time on December 18.



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