Report: Suleiman’s Term to Be Extended to Preserve Stability in Lebanon


The international community views President Michel Suleiman as a factor that contributes to Lebanon’s stability and security given the critical regional situation, reported the Kuwaiti al-Anba daily on Sunday.

To that end, the international community will likely advocate that his term be extended in order to preserve this stability and avoid any political vacuum in Lebanon, said a source informed with the discussions that took place at the International Support Group meeting on Lebanon that was held on Wednesday.

“World powers are keen to avoid vacuum, which will either lead to the election of a new president or force Suleiman to stay in his post” until the situation in the region becomes clear, it explained.

The Lebanese powers will most likely fail to agree on a presidential candidate given the great differences between them and their commitments to foreign powers that determine their political choices in such affairs, added the source.

It noted how regional and international agendas determined the election of past presidents.

Late President Elias Hrawi was elected in order to implement the Taef Accord that ended the 1975-90 Lebanese civil war.

President Emile Lahoud was elected in order to assert Syria’s control over Lebanon, continued the source, while Suleiman was elected in order to implement the 2008 Doha Accord.

Suleiman’s six-year term ends on May 25.



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