Nobby and Nela – Munich names polar bear cubs


The names were chosen by the bears’ “godparents”, animal photographer Norbert Rosing and coffee manufacturer Emanuel Clemm, both of whom had previously donated thousands of euros to the zoo.

The donors were free to choose the names, with the one caveat they had to begin with “N”, since all animals born in the zoo in 2013 were given names starting with that letter.

But despite the media circus at the zoo surrounding their official naming, neither Nobby nor Nela seemed bothered by their new titles.

Even when keepers placed a large sign in their enclosure announcing their new names, the 16-week-old bears only spent a little time looking at it before going back to their daily business.

Nonetheless, the pictures of Nobby and Nela playing around in their enclosure on their first name day are heart-warming and well worth a look.


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