Officer, Soldier Martyred as Akkar Patrol Comes under Fire


An officer and a soldier were martyred on Tuesday evening as their patrol came under fire in the northern Akkar plains.

The shooting also wounded another soldier.

“Armed men in a car fired gunshots at an army patrol in Akkar, which led to the martyrdom of an officer and a soldier, and the injury of another soldier,” the state-run National News Agency said.

Earlier reports had said the shooting had wounded an officer and two soldiers.

But shortly after, the officer and one soldier died of their wounds, the NNA said.

Future TV said the patrol came under fire in al-Qamoua town.

This incident comes after the military institution kicked off a security plan in the North and the Bekaa last week, and succeeded in the arrest of over 35 fugitives and in seizing many weapons and stolen vehicle.


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