Search operations for missing Malaysia MH370 cost reaches $44 million


Search operations for infamous Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 are to become the most expensive in aviation history. Since the disappearance of the jet on March 8, the cost of the hunt has reached forty-four million dollars. Twenty six countries, involved in rescue mission, contributed planes, ships, submarines and satellites. The US alone has already spent the millions of dollars. And some countries such as China have deployed even more ships and planes for the operation.

According to Australia’s defense department the direct cost of using of just one of its ships is more than half a million dollars per day. Japan’s defense ministry could not provide a precise figure, but the cost of the mission is believed to fall within the 8.8 million dollars.

“If I listed how many planes and boats are involved, I could confect a very large number, but it wouldn’t have much meaning, because we’ve got to pay for the boats and the planes and the pilots and the sailors anyway, and they’re out there doing some stuff which is good training and reflects well on us internationally,” said Mark Thomson, senior analyst of defense economics at the government-funded Australian Strategic Policy Institute, quoted by CBS News.

According to Reuters a month into the search for the aircraft cost at least 44 million dollars and it is about equal to the sum of money spent in searches for Air France’s Flight AF447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009.

However, Malaysia has repeatedly declined to answer questions about the cost of the search.


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