West ignores terrorists risk to Syrian chemical disarmament – Russian FM


Russia’s attempts to highlight the threat of Syrian militants to the country’s chemical disarmament process fell on deaf ears in the West, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, out attempts to engage Western countries in the cooperation process, aimed at neutralizing the threats coming from the illegal armed groups to stop the Syrian chemical disarmament operation, still have not received an adequate response,” the ministry said.

“In particular, our proposal to issue a special statement by the Chairman of the UN Security Council was not supported by Western partners,” the statement posted on the ministry’s website said.

After a forced break due to militant attacks, Syria has resumed the shipments of its chemical stockpile slated for destruction. More than 64 tons of weapons-grade chemicals were delivered to the port of Latakia on April 4, according to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Thus about 59 percent of Syrian chemical weapons stockpile has already been removed from the country and destroyed,” the ministry said.

According to the statement, despite the continuous terrorist threats, Syrian authorities “manage to meet their commitments” and if the situation in the country does not escalate further, “we can expect Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles to be completely destroyed by the end of the first half of this year, as it was envisaged by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the UN Security Council’s resolution 2118.”


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