WWII, Holocaust memorials in Odessa vandalized by Kiev Nazi protestors


Southern city of Ukraine, Odessa has been vandalized by the activists from Kiev. The protestors are leaving Nazi symbols behind them on the monuments of WWII. They are also demanding the arrest of those who wear St. George’s ribbons, symbol of WWII heroes. On Tuesday the main monument to Holocaust victims in center square in Odessa was horribly vandalized, reports the RT media.

The activists left the monument with the symbols of swastikas and wolf hooks. Those exact symbols that represent Nazi ideology and bring all the memories of severe WWII period.

The Holocaust memorial in Odessa was opened last October as a remembrance of thousands of Odessa residents that died in 1941.

Roman Schwartzman, head of the association of former Nazi prisoners comments on this, “Out of the 25 thousand of people killed about 22 thousand were Jews, mainly children, women and old people. The rest were Soviet soldiers and marines who protected the city from the Nazis. All were burned by Romanian occupants.”

Unfortunately, this incident is not the first one to take place in the last Ukrainian set of events. This February a monument of the ‘Soviet Soldier’ was destroyed in the town of Stryi, western Ukraine. The memorial was constructed to signify the braveness and heroism of the Soviet soldiers fighting against German oppressors.

Meanwhile, protesters from Kiev demand people wearing St. George ribbons to be sent to prison. This is how they comment on the situation,

“We really want to rip off… St. George’s ribbon. It has stopped to be the symbol commemorating war, turning into a pro-Russian symbol” said the article “Rip off St George’s ribbon” as part of the Ukrainian daily the “Commentary.”

Meanwhile, Eastern Ukraine is going through massive protests with pro-Russian people demanding to hold a referendum and become part of Russia. People from Kharkov, Lugansk, Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk tried to storm the government building. In Donetsk people tried to proclaim their independency from the rest of Ukraine, not recognizing the current Kiev authorities.


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