Coucil of Europe report on national minorities in Ukraine is biased – Russian Foreign Ministry


The Council’s of Europe has worked out a biased report on the defense of the rights of the national minorities in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry said on April 9. “It’s evident for us that the report has been worked out in haste and for political purposes. The report states doubtful assessments and conclusions violating the principles of impartiality and objectivity,” Russian Foreign Ministry says.

“The authors of the report claim that ‘there is no serious problem regarding observance of the rights of national minorities in Ukraine’, thought mass media means report on violence, violation of the rights of national minorities, cases of xenophobia and aggressive nationalism in Ukraine. The report’s conclusion is disproved not only by a real situation in the country, but by reports of the past years’ missions in Ukraine,” Russian Foreign Ministry says.

This so-called report was drawn up out of the sitting of the Advisory Committee. That means that there was no discussion on the report and nobody entertained the opinion of the Committee’s members. “Thus, we don’t recognize it as a document worked out within the Committee,” Russian Foreign Ministry says.

“The report’s methodology, which greatly influenced its quality, also raises a lot of questions. As the authors of the report notice themselves, they made their conclusion not on basis of personal meetings and deep analysis, but on basis of some ‘telephone talks’.”

The report places emphasis on some promises made by Ukrainian government. The latter promised to guarantee observance of language and other rights of national minorities. However, Ukraine has been trying to solve these issues for many years and it hasn’t succeeded yet. Recognition of the Crimea’s Tatars as a native nation of the country is one of these issues. “It’s a well-known fact that Ukraine doesn’t try to defend all the country’s languages, though the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages stipulates that the country should do this. The more people speak a particular language, the more responsibility the country bears. Looking at the current situation, one can say that there is no observance of the rights of national minorities,” Russian Foreign Ministry says.

Russian Foreign Ministry also noted that passages about the Crimea “are out of touch with reality.”

The content of the report as well as the way it was adopted “undermine the confidence in the Committee, which is an impartial body that defends the rights and interests of national minorities, while objectively observing current state of affairs,” the Ministry says.

“Thus, we call upon the Committee to deny any selectivity and politicization, and begin to fulfill its duty, which is to ameliorate the conditions of national, ethnic, language and religious minorities in Ukraine,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.


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