Electric stimulation betters learning: Researchers


Researchers have said electric stimulation of brain of subjects has resulted in the enhancement of their learning rate.

The study, underway at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, which attempts at developing the technology, involved sending mild electric current through the brains of volunteers.

One subject, named Laura McClenahan, had a battery attached to her head and such current ran through the front part of her brain.

“Not too bad actually, it just feels like a small itching or tingling sensation. And it is very small and doesn’t hurt. It looks a lot more intense than it actually is,” she said.

Robert Reinhart, researcher at the university said, at a recent trial, participants performed tasks significantly better when a charge was applied.

“What we found that is so exciting is that when we up-regulate this specific brain activity we can make volunteers more accurate when performing a task, more judicious, cautious, less daring. So they make a mistake and then how they respond after the mistake is actually slower and more accurate,” he said.

The researcher said this type of treatment could lead to new options for people suffering from brain disorders like ADHD and schizophrenia.


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