PDI-P leads Indonesia elections, think tank says


Indonesia’s parliamentary elections have put the main opposition Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) ahead, a think-tank says.

The quick count of Wednesday’s vote by CSIS showed the opposition party had emerged on top with around 20 percent of the national vote – about five percent below the threshold needed to field its own candidate in July’s presidential elections.

Unofficial tallies by the CSIS means PDI-P will likely need to enter a coalition with at least one other party to allow popular Jakarta governor Joko Widodo to run for presidency.

CSIS’s quick count, which is based on 80 percent of votes sampled at 2,000 polling stations, revealed that the Golkar Party gained 14 percent of the vote, while the Gerindra Party followed with 12 percent.

Indonesia’s Islamic political parties also received a combined 32 percent of the vote, about three percent more than their share in the 2009 elections.

Some 186 million Indonesians were eligible to vote for around 230,000 candidates competing in national and regional legislatures in Wednesday’s poll.

The government is expected to announce the results in early May.


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