Poroshenko offers Yulia Tymoshenko to quit presidential race


Officials at the election headquarters of Ukrainian business tycoon Pyotr Poroshenko believe that former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko should withdraw from the presidential race for the sake of Ukrainian people’s unity.

“If Yulia Vladimirovna agrees to consider this position at all, Poroshenko and Timoshenko will negotiate the issue,” head of Poroshenko’s election headquarters Vitaly Kovalchuk said.

He noted that Poroshenko’s rating was better than Tymoshenko’s, according to sociological polls, TASS reports.

Tymoshenko, who is the Batkivshchina party leader, said she supported her rival Pyotr Poroshenko but that she would not quit the race.

“I support Pyotr Poroshenko every day. My family buys his Roshen sweets regularly. We eat only this brand of sweets. I believe this to be a very good support,” Timoshenko said.

Speaking at a news conference, the former premier said it was unacceptable for politicians to negotiate posts or make accords with oligarchs. “I believe it is groundless and undemocratic,” Timoshenko said adding “I’m categorically opposed to such accords.”

Ukraine’s presidential election is scheduled for May 25.

Poroshenko, a front-runner for Ukrainian presidency earlier praised Vitali Klitshchko for withdrawing from presidential race saying that the leader of the Ukrainian Udar Party did not want to jeopardize the unity of the country.

“Yulia Tymoshenko should also realize that after so many deaths on Maidan, we have found ourselves in a new country that has deserved a new mentality and new politicians,” he said.

Poroshenko is the founder of Roshen Confectionery Corporation, one of the biggest confectionery producers in the world. He called for sanctions against Russia to press it into giving up Crimea. He also promised to sell his business if elected. “An oligarch must never be president,” Poroshenko


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