Clash of the titans! Robbie Fowler analyses the battle between Suarez and Aguero


Robbie Fowler, the ex Liverpool and Manchester City striker, analyses the two key men in today’s title clash, Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero.

By: Paul Joyce

If I had to choose one of these strikers – and people will say I am biased because of Liverpool – then it would be Luis Suarez. I would never have a go at Sergio Aguero; he has been fantastic. But I just see more in Suarez. He is a better player.

Both can make defenders have nightmares and headaches and, in terms of what they have brought to the Premier League, they have been phenomenal. They always look like they can score goals whenever they are on the pitch.

Aguero is due back after injury for Manchester City and, while they have other players there who are brilliant, it is a credit to him that they have missed him. He is sharp and busy – maybe a bit sharper than Suarez, who I would say is more ‘in your face’.

But if you are talking about the top players in the world, you would say Messi, Ronaldo – and now you are saying Suarez. You don’t necessarily say Aguero, do you?

That’s certainly not a slight on him, it’s just that Suarez excites me. He gets me on the edge of my seat and you always think that something is going to happen.

He’ll frustrate you one minute when he gives it away but you know the next minute he is going to do something out of the ordinary. I just think he has more in his locker than Aguero.

I could say I’ve worked with Suarez and that I’ve given him all my videos – but that would be a total lie! I have spoken to him briefly, maybe Daniel Sturridge more, but not Suarez. He’s his own man and I don’t think anyone could give him advice because he’s that good.

It was always the shout that if players are too similar they can’t play together but I think Suarez and Sturridge have quashed that myth. They are similar, they both bringothers into the game, their movement is so good and I have to say, as a partnership, they are an absolute handful.

It must be an absolute nightmare for defenders to play against because it is totally different to the big man-small man.

I wasn’t really bothered when Suarez broke my Liverpool record of 28 Premier League goals in a season. Records will always be broken. The one I want to stay is the hat-trick one. I scored eight in the league, (Suarez has six), but the fact is I want Liverpool to win the league and I want them to win cups.

When someone is scoring so many goals and doing as well as Suarez is, I don’t think any player from the past will be too concerned.



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