Hillary Clinton just the latest shoe-attack victim


Hillary Clinton isn’t the first high-profile person to have a shoe thrown at them. See some of the other lucky individuals who have gazed at the very sole of man.

In the long-running saga of high-profile shoe-throwing, Hillary Clinton is but a footnote in the age-old tradition.

On April 10, the former Secretary of State was delivering a speech at a Las Vegas convention when, without warning, a woman threw a shoe on stage and abruptly left the premises, the Associated Press reports.

For her part, Clinton took it in stride, but that didn’t stop authorities from arresting the woman responsible for launching her free-flying footwear.

The scene reminded some of the 2008 incident when then-President George W. Bush had two shoes thrown at him in Baghdad, Iraq.

We’ve compiled those moments in the gallery above, including one incident where the shoe hit its target in the worst way possible.


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