Russian Foreign Minister to visit Beijing for talks with Chinese top-rank officials


Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is expected to visit China Tuesday for talks with President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi. He will also visit the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), with the SCO Secretary General, Dmitry Mezentsev, accompanying him. Sources at the Russian Foreign Ministry told Itar-Tass earlier Minister Lavrov and his Chinese hosts will discuss preparations for President Vladimir Putin’s visit of China later this year and the situation in Ukraine.

“Apart from a detailed discussion of preparations for the Russian President’s visit, the sides will consider a schedule of other important bilateral contacts,” the Foreign Ministry spokespeople said.

In the autumn, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang is due to visit Russia. A nineteenth regular meeting of the two countries’ Prime Ministers will be take place as part of the visit.

“Russian and Chinese Foreign Ministers will pay attention to cooperation on the international scene, as both Russia and China speak in favor of a just and democratic world order based on collective approaches, equitability, and commonly recognized norms and principles and principles of international law,” a spokesman said.

“Given the current situation, the sides confirm understanding and respect for each other’s key interests, thus showing a non-timeserving character of Russian-Chinese relations,” he said.

“Sergei Lavrov and Wang Yi will hold a detailed exchange of opinions on a broad spectrum of global and regional problems, including the situation in Syria and Afghanistan and will also take a look at the situation around Iran’s nuclear programs and developments on the Korean Peninsula,” he said, adding that Russia and China have similar or identical approaches to the bulk of international problems and they hope to continue coordinating their foreign policy efforts in the closest possible manner.


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