US sends FBI, treasury experts to advise Ukrainian government


US authorities have sent FBI, Treasury Department and Justice Department experts to Ukraine as part of additional economic and diplomatic assistance to Kiev, the US State Department affirmed Monday. As part of an extensive assistance package to Ukraine the US “sent a team of experts from the Treasury Department, Justice Department, and FBI to advise the Ukrainian government on how to investigate and collect evidence needed to recover stolen assets located abroad,” reads the statement issued on the US State Department website.

On the security side, Washington is yet to determine Ukrainea’s exact requirements but the statement makes it clear that the “US have long-standing military-to-military cooperation with Ukraine.”

“Our ongoing Foreign Military Financing and International Military and Education Programs have focused on supporting defense reforms, military professionalization, increasing the interoperability of Ukrainian forces, and expanding Ukrainea’s deployable peacekeeping capabilities,” the US State Department asserts. Ukraine and the US on Monday signed an agreement on financial aid to help Kiev tackle the current political and economic crisis.

The aid package includes $1 billion in loan guarantees and additional technical assistance. Russian President Vladimir Putin has earlier called Washingtona’s offer “worthless” as there were no banks willing to finance the recovery of crisis-hit Ukraine.


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