Russia urges its partners to denounce Kiev authorities’ actions in Ukraine’s southeast


Russia urges its international partners to denounce anti-constitutional actions of the so-called Ukrainian authorities in Ukraine’s southeastern regions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, adding that such actions were fraught with a catastrophe, Itar-Tass reports.

“We are seriously concerned over the military operation launched by the Ukrainian security services backed by regular army units in Ukraine’s southeastern regions,” the ministry said. “There are victims already.”

“It is a crime to wage war with own people advocating their legal rights,” the ministry stressed. “Ukraine is falling into nationalist chaos again. The ongoing developments demonstrate tenacious unwillingness of the Kiev authorities to establish a dialogue with Ukrainian regions the country so badly needs now.

Moscow is concerned with military operations in the southeast of Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern about military operations in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine and stated that the fight with its own people is a crime, RIA Novosti reports.

“We are deeply concerned about the Ukrainian security services launching with the support of regular army units military operations in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine. There are already casualties,” it is said in a statement.

As it was stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry, it is a crime to fight with its own people in favor of ensuring the legitimate rights.

“Nationalist chaos captures Ukraine again. What is happening indicates stubborn refusal of the Kiev authorities to establish the country much-needed dialogue with Ukrainian regions,” notes the Foreign Ministry.

US should persuade Ukraine’s authorities to calm down situation – Russia’s Deputy FM

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabov insists that it the US who, first of all, should try to use its influence on Ukraine’s current authorities to persuade them to calm down the conflict in southeastern Ukraine.

The crisis in Ukraine is, to a large extend, a result of the West’s policy that was aimed at undermining President Yanukovich’s legitimate regime, Mr. Ryabov believes.

Sergey Ryabov said this in an interview to Russian RIA Novosti news agency on Tuesday.

“If someone should try to take measures to stabilize the situation in Ukraine, this is, first of all, the US administration,” Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister said. “The US should try to calm down their protégés in Kiev and persuade them that the policy that these Ukraine’s new leaders have chosen can only lead the country to anarchy and chaos.”

“The American administration does not spend a single day without calling on Russia to take measures to stabilize the situation in Ukraine,” Mr. Ryabkov continued. “The US is blaming Russia for allegedly being involved in the events in Ukraine. Allegedly, Russia has certain military presence and certain secret agents in Ukraine. However, this is nothing but ungrounded lies and attempts to shuffle off the US’s own blame on to Russia.”


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