Food Texture may Influence our Perception of Calorie Content


Ever wonder why some foods are more appealing than others? Of course, some of us just may never like broccoli, but others might love watermelon. Our taste buds tell a story about what foods we’ll typically be most fond of. Yet a recent study shows how the shape, texture and coloring of different processed foods may determine our perception of portion control. 

According to lead study author Dipayan Biswas, a marketing professor at the University of South Florida, those who consume harder or more rough-textured items believe they are eating fewer calories.

“We studied the link between how a food feels in your mouth and the amount we eat, the types of food we choose and how many calories we think we are consuming,” the authors said, via the Business Standard.

For the study, researchers recruited volunteers to taste a variety of hard, rough, soft and smooth foods. They then asked the eaters to make calorie estimations for the food. Findings showed that those who consumed harder, rough-textured items were more likely to estimate that they had eaten less.

Researchers said that they hope these and future findings can aid in the encouragement of healthier eating habits.

“Understanding how the texture of food can influence calorie perceptions, food choice and consumption amount can help nudge consumers towards making healthier choices,” the study authors concluded.


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