Ukraine and Crimea to be main topics of Putin’s live Q&A session


Russian President Vladimir Putin will answer the questions of Russian citizens during a live broadcast on Thursday at noon. President’s press service has received some two million questions from Russian citizens. President’s spokesman Dmitriy Peskov thinks that the Crimea, Ukraine and social problems will be the main issues of the broadcast.

This is the 12th live with Russian President. Each year the duration of the broadcast increases. Thus, the year 2013 saw a record as the broadcast lasted for four hours and forty eight minutes. President’s press service couldn’t specify the duration of the upcoming broadcast.

This year, many of those, who managed to contact the press service, stated their support to Putin’s action in the Crimea and in Ukraine, Peskov said. Peskov himself looked through tens of thousands of messages and found that nobody blamed Putin for his actions.

“People say as follows – ‘Thank you for the Crimea!’ Many of them ask about the ways they can help to raise money for the construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait. Such enthusiasm is seen in the majority of the messages,” Peskov said.

He is sure that the Crime and Ukraine will be the main issue of the live broadcast.

How does Vladimir Putin get prepared to the broadcast?

Vladimir Putin reads a lot of information on different issues, freshens up the knowledge of the statistics, looks through the reports of different ministries and departments, Peskov said. “President Putin himself looks through all questions and pays attention to everything that concerns public opinion,” Peskov said. The spokesman also thinks that “a successful broadcast with the President is the one that people watch, listen to, discuss, and the one that results in a range of the President’s commissions”.

The way, the live is broadcasted

The reception of the questions began a week ago and will continue till the end of the broadcast. There are different ways of asking the President a question – via telephone call, SMS text message, e-mail message and via video services. One can ask his or her question via the website of the broadcast, and support the questions asked.

The Crimea and Sevastopol citizens will be able to ask their questions for the first time ever. These regions are provided with special telephone number which is free of charge. However, the Crimea citizens can’t use the common telephone number to ask their questions, but this problem will be fixed next year.

Vladimir Putin will answer the most popular and interesting questions. The studio with several tens of guests will hold several teleconferences with different regions of Russia.


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