Bryan Singer Accuser: I Felt Like a Piece of Meat; Director’s Attorney Rejects Claims as “Completely Fabricated”


Director Bryan Singer has been accused of drugging and raping a 17-year-old boy back in 1999, according to court documents, and today his accuser held a press conference.

Michael F. Egan III described the “nightmare” he went through when he was allegedly raped by Singer and several other men in Los Angeles, Hawaii and other states over the span of two years when he was a teen.

“I was raped numerous times in that house, by numerous individuals,” Egan told the various media outlets.  “You were like a piece of meat to these people.”

However Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer (no relation), maintains that the allegations made against his client are false.

“The claims made today about Bryan Singer are completely fabricated,” he said in a statement to E! News regarding the press conference. “We look forward to our bringing a claim for malicious prosecution against Mr. Egan and his attorney after we prevail.

“It is obvious that plaintiff’s attorney is not looking to litigate the case on its merits. This matter is nothing more than the attorney seeking to get his 15 minutes of fame by sending out a press release with his “media consultant” yesterday and following up with a press conference today. Attorneys who try cases don’t hold press conferences.”

According to the lawsuit, Singer abused Egan at the Paul Mitchell estate in Hawaii. It claims that he supplied the aspiring actor with drugs and alcohol, forced him to inhale cocaine and pushed him into a swimming pool before holding his head underwater. The complaint also alleged that Singer forced Egan to perform oral sex—both in and out of the pool—before he forcibly sodomized the plaintiff.

Singer allegedly combined these actions with threats and promises of employment, per the lawsuit.




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