Lindsay Lohan explains infamous lovers list


Remember that list that surfaced last month? A piece of paper with names of actors scribbled on it?

It was said to be Lindsay Lohan’s list of lovers, or her “personal conquest” list, as published by In Touch mag. She was said to have jotted down the names while at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January 2013.

Names on the list included Zac Efron, Wilmer Valderrama, Adam Levine, Joaquin Phoenix and Justin Timberlake.

On Thursday, Lohan finally addressed the infamous list while talking to Andy Cohen on his Bravo show, Watch What Happens Live, where she hyped the season finale of her Lindsay docu-series, airing Sunday on OWN.

Lohan played his game Plead the Fifth in which she is asked three questions, but can only “plead the fifth” — and not answer — one of them.

When asked about the list, she decides to “get serious” for a minute and answers honestly.

“That (list) was actually my fifth step in (Alcoholics Anonymous) at Betty Ford, and someone — when I was moving during the OWN show — must have taken a photo of it,” she confessed. “So that’s a really personal thing. It’s really unfortunate … ’cause it’s just … I talk about this on the last episode of the OWN show, so … to be continued.”



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