US Secret Service mission failed: CIA cannot catch a fox in White House


The guards, including the US Secret Service agents, cannot catch fox that suddenly appeared on the territory of the White House in Washington. According to the local media, the animal appeared at the White House last fall, during the country’s budget crisis, when many government employees, including supervisors and presidential keepers were sent on unpaid leave. Since then, this fox has repeatedly sent off the White House security alarm, and one night has even ruined Michelle Obama’s garden.

Not a lot of people saw the animal, though, according to Obama’s assistants, one early morning even the President himself was amazed, when he saw a fox tail from the window of the Oval Office.

Another time, deputy press secretary of the White House Josh Ernest was leaving from work late at night, when he saw some moving in the dark.

At first he thought it was a cat, but then he realized that it was a fox.

The area of ​​the White House is about 7.3 hectares.

As in many other parks in Washington, in addition to squirrels, some other animals appear there.

For instance, during G.W. Bush Presidency raccoons were trying to get fishes from the pond.

During Bill Clinton’s Presidency a couple of deer has jumped over the fence of the White House.

There are also quite a few birds there, including periodically appearing geese and ducks, that didn’t let Richard Nixon sleep and were waking him in the early morning.

First they used to sent a supervisor to scare them away, later they have installed special signals.


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