Carole Malone: Britain’s youngest mum is already on scrapheap at age of just 12


The Sunday Mirror columnist is stunned that her mum and dad think their daughter getting pregnant at 11 is something to be proud of

So Britain’s youngest parents – he’s 13, she’s 12 – are “totally in love”?

Just hearing that makes me want to laugh. Only it’s not funny.

“They’ve been seeing each other for a year,” says a family friend. “It’s a serious relationship.”

Talk about the blind leading the stupid. A serious relationship at 12? What planet are these idiots on?

The lives of two children lie in ruins here (three, if you count the baby) and the people close to them are talking like soppy fools about love and romance.

What happened between these children has nothing to do with either. It’s the result of two kids growing up in a parental vacuum with people who haven’t a clue about how to bring up children or what responsibility the job entails.

And this girl’s mum and dad are proof of that because they actually think their daughter getting pregnant at 11 is something to be proud of. In fact, her father says he’d rather have her pregnant than on drugs.

Does he think those are the only two options available to his little girl? (They probably ARE now).

Most parents would rather their kids had a life, a career, time to grow up, instead of being saddled with a baby at 12.

And is he really proud his daughter – who he doesn’t even live with – has been having under-age sex with a 13-year-old boy? Because in the REAL world that’s every parent’s nightmare. As is taking drugs.

“You can’t stop things like this,” he says.

Oh yes you can, matey – by teaching your daughter about sex and peer pressure and how to protect and respect herself. Or did he and her mother think that was her teacher’s job?

It’s no wonder this girl wasn’t able to differentiate between right and wrong because, even now, her parents are telling her that what’s happened is a good thing, even though she’s physically and mentally incapable of dealing with it.

And does this foolish man imagine the baby’s father will be around in a year’s time? Because he won’t be. He’ll be long gone.

“We’ll be supporting her,” says Grandad. Well, support involves knowing what your kids are doing. And what were these two up to when their little girl was making a baby?

The problem is we now live in a society that facilitates and accepts the sexualisation of children. At 10, girls are allowed to wear make up, bikinis, revealing clothes.

They’re allowed to dye their hair, buy teen sex magazines. Boys can access porn on their smart phones whenever they feel like it.

Even at school they have sex lessons at 10. So is it any wonder they want to experiment?

“This happened because we gave her some slack,” says the girl’s father. No, it happened because he and his ex are appalling parents.

But tragically that “ slack” has cost this little girl dear. And even though experts say she must keep up her schooling, that’s never going to happen.

Read this week’s story about Tressa Middleton who was 12 when she gave birth eight years ago. She went back to school, only to be bullied, spat at and she was so distressed by it all that she became a heroin addict and her baby was taken away.

Experts say the schoolgirl will need lots of support from her family – that’ll be the same family who think sex between minors is a perfectly OK thing to do?

“It’s essential she carries on her schooling so she has the very best chance in life, says Jan Leightley of Action for Children.

Doesn’t she get it? There aren’t any more chances for this girl. It’s finished.

She’s destined to live a life just like her mum (who got pregnant at 15). She’ll be on benefits already and by the time she’s 15 she’ll be destined to be forever dependent on the state – a state which forks out £20,000 a year for every single mum like her.

There’ll be no job, no carefree teenage years – just a life on the breadline where she’ll spawn more babies with men who will leave her.

There is no good news in this story. Just another child born to a child, neither of whom have a hope.


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