2 Syrians Held for Murdering Compatriot, Chopping Up Body


The Internal Security Forces on Monday announced the arrest of two Syrians who had killed their compatriot and thrown his chopped up body parts in a garbage container in Ouzai, south of Beirut.

“Following precise measures that were taken by the units of the Dahieh police department, in addition to intensive investigations by the Intelligence Bureau, the aforementioned units managed to arrest several suspects in connection with the murder of Syrian national Mustafa al-Saad,” the ISF said in a statement.

After further investigations, the Dahieh judicial police department managed to identify the killer, who turned out to be one of the detained suspects, the ISF added.

It identified him as “25-year-old Syrian national O. Kh.”

“After raiding his house on the airport road and finding material evidence in it, he confessed to committing the murder in collaboration with his 38-year-old uncle A. B., also Syrian, who was arrested today,” the ISF added.

It said the dagger used in the crime was seized at the apartment.

“During interrogation, the two men said they killed al-Saad with the aim of taking his money,” the ISF said.

“They lured him into the house of O. Kh., where they murdered him and chopped up his body before heading to his house with the aim of theft,” it added.

Al-Saad’s chopped up body was discovered in a garbage container in the Ouzai district of Beirut’s southern suburbs on April 14.


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