Russia is Europe’s partner, not a threat – Czech analyst


Russia poses no threat to Europe but is Europe’s partner, and not an aggressor, Jan Lupomneski, a prominent Czech analyst and candidate for the European Parliament, told the Parliamentnilisty newspaper, the RIA Novosti news agency reports.

Commenting on the situation in Ukraine, Lupomneski said that the Ukrainian crisis was not white-and-black.

“Either we or they – those who don’t support the European Union automatically back Russia, are Russophiles, communists and God knows what else… This hysteria is not a chance occurrence. It was aroused artificially and is being cultivated. Russia is no threat to us today,” the analyst said.

“The central point for me is the following question: what Russia is doing now – is it doing it as an aggressor or in response to moves taken by others? My opinion, using chess terminology, is that Russia is making a forced but very well-founded and appropriate step,” Lupomneski said.

Neither the US nor the EU is concerned about the fate of ordinary Ukrainians, but that’s the most tragic of all – the fate of ordinary Ukrainian citizens, for Ukraine is not a trophy that can be won or obtained by either West or East, Lupomneski said.

He agrees with former Czech President Vaclav Klaus that the crisis in Ukraine was provoked by the United States and Western Europe.


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