Arctic is in focus of Russia’s special interests – Putin


The Arctic region has been and remains to be within the focus of Russia’s special interests, says Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Virtually all aspects of national security, including the military-political, economic, technological, environmental, and resource spheres – are concentrated here.

For instance, according to experts, the overall deposits of fuel and energy resources in Russia’s Arctic region exceed 1.6 trillion tonnes, and its continental shelf contains about one quarter of all shelf hydrocarbon deposits in the world,” Putin said at a meeting of the Russian Security Council dealing with the state police in the Arctic region.

Russia should reinforce guarding of Arctic boundaries – Putin

Russia should reinforce the guarding of its boundaries in the Arctic region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “Oil and gas extraction sites, loading terminals, and pipelines should be reliably protected from terrorists and other potential threats,” Putin said at a session of the Russian Security Council dealing with the state policy in the Arctic region on Tuesday.

“All security issues need to be addressed carefully through interagency training exercises and practice, in which Defense Ministry, Emergency Situations Ministry, and other services should be involved regularly,” he said. Putin also called for improving the protection of Arctic boundaries, “including through reinforcing the sea component of the FSB [Federal Security Service] border force’s maritime element,” he said.

“It is necessary to simultaneously reinforce military infrastructure. In particular, the matter concerns the creation of a unified system of stationing of new-generation surface ships and submarines in our part of the Arctic,” he said.

Putin requires safeguarding each parcel of Arctic shelf

Russia must safeguard each parcel of the continental shelf in its part of the Arctic, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. The Russian President reminded that Russia has declared earlier its right to 52,000-square-kilometer area of the Sea of Okhotsk, the bottom of which is the continuation of Russia’s continental shelf.

A UN subcommittee has agreed with arguments presented by Russia and has tentatively declared that 52,000 square kilometers of the Sea of Okhotsk, which borders Japan, is part of the country’s continental shelf. “Our experts must act similarly, for bilateral as well as multilateral consultations with Arctic countries” governments, and safeguard each parcel of the continental shelf in the Russian part of the Arctic, and marine areas,” Putin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes it is necessary to create a separate public body for the implementation of the Russian policy in the Arctic. “We do not need a cumbersome bureaucratic body, but a flexible operationally working structure that will help better coordinate ministries and departments activities, regions and business,” Putin said.


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