Florida fisherman catches giant 805-pound, 11-foot-long shark


A pair of Florida fisherman reportedly pulled in an 11-foot, 805-pound Mako shark Tuesday night while fishing from the shore off the Gulf Coast. Earnie Polk and his cousin Joey Polk spent an hour reeling in the shark, but did not disclose the exact location the fish was caught to prevent a swell of other fishermen, the Pensacola News Journal reports.

“That’s probably the best fish we ever caught,” Earnie Polk told the paper.

The cousins do a lot of shark fishing and in most cases they release the fish. This massive shark, however, was exhausted from the fight and could not swim back out past the breakers.

The cousins told the paper that they are preparing the legal work to harvest the fish. They expect 600 pounds.

“It’s a $10-per-pound fish at the fish market. It sell right along with tuna and swordfish. Between all of us, there won’t be a bit wasted.”


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