Iran UN envoy objects to nominee visa ban


Tehran warns of the “serious negative” consequences of Washington’s refusal to issue a visa to Iran’s designated ambassador to the UN, saying the move is a flagrant breach of the provisions of the Headquarters Agreement.

The UN Committee on Relations with the Host Country, which deals with the issues of states operating in the United States, met on Tuesday to discuss Washington’s refusal to grant a visa to the Iranian appointee Hamid Aboutalebi, but it failed to take any actions.

“…The case of denying visa to the Iranian designated permanent representative is so obviously a breach of the provisions of the Headquarters Agreement that no member state could and should stay indifferent about it and the Committee should deal with it in an extraordinary way,” Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam Hossein Dehqani told the committee meeting.

He added that Aboutalebi is a “seasoned and well-known carrier diplomat”, who had served in three ambassadorial posts.

The Iranian diplomat emphasized that the US visa refusal also contravenes “the principles of international law and the United Nations Charter, including the principles of sovereign equality of states and respect for their sovereignty and political independence.”

The US decision will undermine the UN system and will have “serious negative implications for multilateral diplomacy, as it could set a dangerous precedent and adversely affect the work of intergovernmental organizations,” Dehqani said.

He called on relevant authorities of the host state in coordination with the UN committee to effectively address the concerns and complaints raised by its member states.

Washington had announced that it would not grant a visa to Iranian diplomat Hamid Aboutalebi to serve as Tehran’s ambassador to the UN, saying the diplomat was involved in the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran during post-revolution incidents in 1979.

On April 18, US President Barack Obama signed a law to bar Aboutalebi from entering the country.


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