Russia rejects Washington’s claims on Crimea as groundless


Moscow is ready to participate in sincere dialogue with the US on Ukraine, but rejects Washington’s “groundless and unsubstantiated claims” on Crimea, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday. “We are open to a sincere dialogue, but we reject the groundless and unsubstantiated claims having as unique aim the presentation of the situation in Crimea in a distorted way. Similar methods, by the way, are applied to show, at all costs, a a?Russian trace’ in the protests of the desperate people in southeastern Ukraine,” the ministry said.

Russia hopes that the United States will stop the ‘far-fetched insinuations’ against Russia in order to resolve the Ukrainian crisis cooperatively, the Ministry said.

“We would like to hope that the United States will stop the far-fetched insinuations against Russia, for the benefit of joint work to help Ukraine overcome the severe internal crisis caused by February’s coup in Kiev,” the ministry said.

US President Barack Obama earlier accused Russia of failing to comply with the Geneva deal reached last week to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine.

The US leader said Thursday that if the behavior continues “there will be further consequences and we will ramp up further sanctions.” He said Russia could face sanctions within a matter of days.

Following the regime change in Ukraine in February, Crimea refused to recognize the legitimacy of the new authorities and held a referendum that resulted in its reunification with Russia.

The US, EU and their allies introduced sanctions against several Russian politicians, lawmakers and businessmen, freezing their assets and banning them from receiving visas.

The G7 countries also threatened Russia with broad economic sanctions in case of further escalation of the situation in Ukraine.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry earlier said that talking to Russia in the language of sanctions was “inappropriate and counterproductive” and warned its Western partners of the “boomerang effect.”

US, EU tried to organize another ‘colored revolution’ in Ukraine – Lavrov

The United States and the European Union attempted to organize another “colored revolution” in Ukraine, or an unconstitutional change of the regime, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. “In Ukraine, there was an attempt by the US and the European Union – let’s call things by their proper names – to organize another ‘colored revolution’, an operation to change the regime unconstitutionally,” Lavrov said at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) on Thursday.

The West uses Ukraine as a pawn in its geopolitical game, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“They try to use Ukraine as a pawn in a geopolitical game,” the foreign minister said.

Ukraine should not be a field of geopolitical stand-off, but a connecting link, Lavrov added.

Russia expects that an international agreement to defuse theUkraine crisis will be implemented in practical steps, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov added, Reuters reports.

“Russia expects that the Geneva accords will be implemented in practical actions in the near future,” Russian news agencies quoted Lavrov as saying.

Moscow expects the soonest possible implementation of its proposal on consultations on Ukraine between all parties concerned, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“It looks like another proposal by the Russian president on starting substantial consultations involving all parties concerned has been supported, and I expect that this support will be materialized into practical actions in the near future,” Lavrov said at an international forum at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) on Thursday.

“If someone thoroughly analyzes what has happened in the past 2.5 decades, Russia has done more than anyone else for supporting the independence and peaceful development of the brotherly Ukrainian people and has allotted dozens of billions of dollars for this purpose since the Soviet Union’s collapse,” he said.

“Our Western partners are not embarrassed that an attempt to carry out their designs by the authorities leaning on ultra-nationalist and in fact neo-Nazi forces is an absolutely unworkable option,” he said. “The accusations that Russia undermined the spirit of partnership in Europe by responding to the expression of free will by the Crimeans are not worth the paper on which they are written,” he said.

Lavrov also mentioned the growing importance of the Sino-Russian relations that are now being developed at an “unprecedented level”.

Russian FM Lavrov urges US to act responsibly on Ukraine

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told RT TV channel he expected the US to give top priority to reconciliation of the Ukrainian people, rather than to blindly pursue its strategic interests in the region. “I do hope very much that they will act responsibly and they will think not of their geopolitical interests, their unilateral interests, but they will think about the future of Ukraine, which is our biggest neighbor, the closest neighbor, the people of which are brothers and sisters to the Russian Federation population,” Lavrov said in English.

The Russian foreign policy chief slammed Washington for their continued attempts to derail negotiations with added prerequisites.


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