US should force Ukraine to stop military operation in southeast – Russia’s Foreign Ministry


Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called upon the US to make Ukrainian government stop the military operation in the southeast of Ukraine, the Ministry’s press service reports.

“We hope that the US would take measures in order to prevent the escalation of the conflict in compliance of the Geneva communiqué of April 17. The US should force the current Ukrainian government to stop the military operation in the southeast of Ukraine and to withdraw Ukraine’s armed forces from the region. Nothing has been done to resolve this urgent issue. We hope that Washington realizes its responsibility for everything that is going on in Ukraine,” the press service says.

Ukrainian forces have been carrying out a military operation in the southeast of Ukraine since April 15. The operation was initiated in order to suppress supporters of the federalization, who had been organizing rallies since March. Russia thinks that the decision of the illegitimate Ukrainian government to initiate a military operation is a very dangerous and thoughtless one.

National Security Defense Council says one special operation stage in eastern Ukraine completed

The forceful operation in eastern Ukraine will be held in several stages and one stage was completed on Thursday, National Security and Defense Council Deputy Secretary Victoriya Syumar said.

“The counter-terrorism operation will continue. It will be carried out in several stages. We can not announce these stages. Today one of such active stages was. It fulfilled its task,” Syumar said on air of the Hromadske TV on Thursday, the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper reported.

Ukrainian Right Sector says it will join crackdown on pro-federalization protesters

The ultranationalist Ukrainian Right Sector movement said Thursday members of organization will join paramilitary units currently being formed to crackdown on pro-federalization protests in eastern Ukraine.

The movement said in a statement on its website that its members will join so-called “battalions of territorial defense” and military units. Right Sector was an important force at the Euromaidan protests that began in November in Kiev. Its members were notorious for using clubs, Molotov cocktails, and firearms against Ukrainian police during the protests, and for wearing Nazi-inspired insignia.

Russia put the leader of Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, on an international wanted list and has charged him with inciting terrorism. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Thursday that National Guards units, as well as battalions of Right Sector activists have been attacking the civilians in southeastern Ukraine.

The news run contrary to the Geneva communique, adopted by Russia, the European Union, the United States and the interim Kiev government last week, under which Ukraine’s coup-appointed authorities should take decisive action in disarming radical paramilitary groups.


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