UK Deputy PM concerned over ‘rat meat in kebabs’


UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said he is “very concerned” that takeaways are selling kebabs containing rat meat.

Clegg was quizzed on the findings of a joint report by the country’s Food Standards Agency and consumer group Which? during an appearance on LBC Radio on April 24, The Independent reported.

The Food Standards Agency discovered that takeaways are routinely selling curries and kebabs containing pork, beef, chicken, turkey and “suspect” unidentified meats.

Asked if he was concerned at the thought of cat, dog and rat meat appearing in kebabs, Mr Clegg said: “I’d be very concerned by that. I’d expect the health inspection authorities to look into this.”

The Which? study analysed 60 lamb dishes, and found that 29 were “suspect”. They reported that 17 contained rogue meats, seven contained no lamb at all, and five dishes could not be identified.


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