Mom, daughter reunited after 22 years through Facebook


After 22 years apart, a mother and daughter separated through adoption were recently reunited with the help of Facebook.

For Carrie Leach it has been a long journey riddled with obstacles, yet she never gave up hope she would one day find her birth mother.

“I would say so many times I wanted to give up, but I didn’t, and, if it’s something that you really want and you really try hard for and you really follow God’s path in your life, he’s going to reward you with that in the end,” Carrie explained.

A new mom on the verge of getting married in June, Carrie says she realized there was only one thing missing in her life.

“I wanted her to be there for my wedding day,” she recalled.

Just a couple weeks ago, through the encouragement of coworkers, Carrie posted a picture of herself holding a neon sign with a hand written note listing what little information she knew about her birth parents.

“Like not even 24 hours later my sister is emailing me asking me questions, it’s just amazing,” exclaimed Carrie.

After exchanging several Facebook messages in addition to talking on the phone, Carrie finally came face to face with her birth mother Kelly Gallant last week.



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