Six gunmen held near Slavyansk – Donetsk self-defense


Donbas self-defense activists have announced the capture of six gunmen near Slavyansk.

“This morning we held six men with guns dressed in plainclothes near Slavyansk. Our data suggest that they are Right Sector fighters who were plotting subversive attacks in our area,” a representative for the Donbas self-defense headquarters told Interfax by phone.

The captured men have been delivered to the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) building in Slavyansk and are now being questioned, he said. This information was not confirmed by other sources, Interfax reports.

Also, a mobile group of self-defense forces came under fire on Monday morning as it was heading to the airport in Kramatorsk to check the reports about an expected landing at the airport of foreign mercenaries, the spokesman said.

“We have obtained information that armed foreigners, mainly from the NATO countries, will be landing at the Kramatorsk airport, and sent our mobile group to check this information. We came under fire and had to retreat. However, none of our fighters were injured,” he said.

An exchange of fire between Ukraine’s law enforcement officials and supporters of the federalization of Ukraine took place in the area of the Kramatorsk airport, Donetsk region, on Monday morning, Dmitry Timchuk, a journalist and coordinator of the group Information Resistance, has reported.

“The night went calmly. The only exception was the shots fired in the direction of our troops in the area of the Kramatorsk aerodrome. In the morning, law enforcement agencies came under fire here again,” he said on Facebook on Monday morning, Interfax reports.

Several shots were fired in the direction of the law enforcement officials with grenade launchers, and they returned fire.

No law enforcement officials were hurt in the shooting, Timchuk said.

He said he has no information on casualties on the other side.

Timchuk also said security has been tightened at the checkpoints organized by supporters of the federalization of Ukraine.


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