UKIP leads in European Parliament race: Poll


A poll shows that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has surged into the lead in terms of support in the European Parliament election race, with almost one in three Brits saying they will back the Eurosceptic party.

The survey conducted by YouGov research and published by Sunday Times showed that the UKIP received 31 percent support ahead of next month’s European Parliament elections.

The poll also revealed that the Labour party came second lagging three points behind the UKIP, while Prime Minister David Cameron’s Tories came in third with 19 percent of support.

The conservative party was followed by the Liberal Democrats, which received 9 percent support and the Greens at 8 percent.

It is the first time the poll results show that the Eurospectic party has an outright advantage in the race.

Matthew Goodwin, an associate professor of politics at Nottingham University warned that a UKIP victory in May would have profound implications.

“If they (UKIP members) finish second, that raises awkward questions for David Cameron. But if they finish in first place, that amounts to an entire rejection of the British establishment’s political past,” said Goodwin.

The UKIP wants Britain’s exit from the EU. It also plans to reduce the inflow of immigrants to the country.

According to reports, the party has grown rapidly during the last decade, mostly by winning voters of the Conservative Party.

Meanwhile, a separate ComRes research for the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) has underscored disaffection among voters with European institutions.

The study showed some 59 percent of those asked believe the European Parliament does not represent the views of voters, with the number soaring to 68 percent among those aged over 55.


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