Russia stops maneuvers near Ukraine’s border after Ukrainian government’s peaceful promises


Russian military units have withdrawn from maneuvers in regions near Ukraine’s border after Ukraine’s authorities announced that they would not use force against civilians. This is what the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Monday.

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Minister had a phone talk with his US counterpart Chuck Hagel. Mr. Shoygu said that the decision to hold these maneuvers was made by Russia’s authorities because of the threat that the Ukrainian government may use force against civilians who do not support the new Ukrainian regime.

Russia’s authorities has made a public announcement about this decision, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service says. However, as soon as Ukraine’s government assured Russia that it does not intend to use force against unarmed civilians, Russian military units were ordered to return to the places of their permanent dislocation.

Moscow assures US it will not invade Ukraine

Russia has assured the United States that it will not invade Ukraine, the Defense Department said Monday, AFP reports. “Secretary of Defense (Chuck) Hagel spoke today by phone with Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoygu (and) Shoygu reiterated his assurance that Russian forces would not invade Ukraine,” spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has called on his US counterpart Chuck Hagel to try to do something for anti-Russian rhetoric in connection with the situation in Ukraine to lower.

In his recent phone talk with Mr. Shoygu, Mr. Hagel expressed concern about Russia’s plans to dislocate more forces near Ukraine’s border and to hold military maneuvers near this border. In response, Sergey Shoygu said that rumors that these steps of Russia are allegedly aimed at destabilization of the situation in Ukraine are totally groundless.


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