Russia’s Defense Minister denies reports about Russian agents destabilizing situation in Ukraine


In his recent phone talk with US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu categorically denied that Russia has sent its agents to Ukraine for certain “subversive actions”.

After Mr. Hagel expressed concern that Russia is dislocating more military forces near Ukraine’s border and that Russia’s plans to hold military maneuvers near this border are allegedly aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, Mr. Shoygu called on him not to listen to this groundless rhetoric and try to prevent the spreading of such rumors.

Rumors that certain groups of Russian agents in Ukraine’s southeastern regions are trying to destabilize the situation there are also groundless, Sergey Shoygu says.

Earlier, several media sources reported that the US Defense Secretary was trying to communicate with his Russian counterpart to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry, in its turn, said that it was ready to discuss the situation in Ukraine with the Pentagon, but has not yet received any official notification from it.

Besides, earlier, Defense Minister Shoygu has announced that Russia was starting military maneuvers near Ukraine’s border as a reaction on the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine. In response, Defense Secretary Hagel expressed his concern in connection with these Russia’s plans.


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