Russia appreciates support of Nicaragua on situation in Ukraine – Lavrov


Russia appreciates the support of Nicaragua on the situation in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated at a meeting with President Daniel Ortega.

“In the context of the situation that exists in the world today, it is very important to compare notes and coordinate actions with our friends,” Lavrov said. “We have common positions on international issues, we advocate only by collective actions without trying to isolate someone, we are for actions on the basis of respect for international law”.

“We continue to support Nicaragua in international organizations and, in return, appreciate the support on a range of issues, including the situation in the Caucasus and Ukraine, ” the Russian minister said.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov conveyed to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega warm greetings from the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“I would like to convey the warmest greetings and good wishes from the President of Russia,” Lavrov said at a meeting with Ortega.

“We express our solidarity in the wake of natural disasters that have befallen your country, an earthquake,” the minister said. “We are trying to assist in overcoming the consequences.”


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