Summer 2014 could be abnormally hotter than usual – scientists


German climatologists from the University of Giessen forecast an anomalously hot summer this year. People from Europe and Asia are to see an extremely hot and dry summer, scientists say.

The year, 2014, can become the hottest year in the history of weather forecasting, climatologists say. The forecast is substantiated by the results of El Nino studies. The scientists from the University of Giessen have managed to create a completely new model of El Nino, EuroSmi Internet portal says.

Firstly, the scientists found out that El Nino began to form last September, that’s why there is a 76 percent chance that it will appear this summer. Secondly, this year is to be the hottest one even without El Nino. If the both effects arise together, this summer might be the hottest one. El Nino is a band of anomalously warm ocean water temperatures that periodically develops off the Pacific coast of South America. Extreme climate change pattern fluctuate weather across the Pacific Ocean which results in droughts, floods, and crop yields in varying regions of the world.


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