Swiss Air Lines Becomes World’s First ‘Allergy-Friendly’ Airline


For those with allergies, air travel can be a nightmare as airline meals or cabin atmosphere at times can trigger the symptoms. To make air travel a little easier the Swiss Air Lines is doing its bit and has been become the world’s first certified allergy-friendly airline.

In order to provide a pleasant and allergy free flight, the Swiss International Air Lines promises to offer products that are designed to enhance the air travel experience for allergy victims.

They will introduce a variety of ground and in-flight products from next month that include new alternative food, which are lactose and gluten free.

Apart from introducing changes in the airline meals, they also promise to make changes in the interior of the cabin.

Swiss Air Lines offers flights to Switzerland from seven different U.S. cities and is working in collaboration with the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation to provide its customers more individualized service products specially meant for those with food allergies.

“We have seen a steady increase over the past few years in our customers’ need for an air travel environment that pays due regard to any allergic conditions,” explains Frank Maier, SWISS’s Head of Product & Services. “So we’ve been working with ECARF to provide a concrete response to these demands and make everyone’s air travel experience as pleasant and problem-free as possible.”

Those travelling via Swiss Airlines can chose from lactose-free coffee cream to lactose free SWISS chocolate bar.

.  Also at the SWISS Lounges, the guests can grab special dairy and bread products.

At present, the guests with food allergy can order a special meal that meets their demands in sitting class and Business Class within Europe 24 hours before their schedules departure.

Changes in the cabins include pillows stuffed with synthetic material for first and business class passengers. They would stop using decorative flowers and air fresheners that cause throat and nose irritation. On board toilets will have soaps that are gentle on skin.

“The numbers of people suffering from allergies have been increasing throughout the industrialized world for several years now,” adds Professor Torsten Zuberbier, the Director of ECARF, which is based in Berlin. “Over 30 per cent of Europe’s population are directly affected by one or more allergies – not to mention those indirectly affected, such as their families. Yet only around ten per cent of sufferers get the right medical treatment; and allergies are still often not taken seriously, even by the sufferers themselves.”


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