Stylewatch Style News Now Jenny McCarthy’s Wedding Plans: The Dress, the Details — and All About That Ring!


She may have only been engaged for two weeks, but Jenny McCarthy is already in wedding mode. We, however, are still stuck on that killer ring given to her by fiancé Donnie Wahlberg. We asked how Wahlberg chose the very unique (and enormous) setting, and as it turns out, McCarthy influenced it in her own way.

“He said, ‘If we were going to get engaged, what ring would you want?’” McCarthy told PEOPLE at the PANDORA Jewelry pre-Mother’s Day dinner at Beauty & Essex in NYC. “I said I wouldn’t want a big diamond; I’ve done it. I like sapphires for their stone, their meanings behind it. Then he went and surprised me! My ring is a yellow sapphire, which means wisdom and prosperity, which is why I like it.”

And though her ring is a little different, when it comes to the dress, McCarthy may keep it more traditional. “I love that pink has been done, but I can’t do it,” she said. “White is a little too white. Ivory I think possibly, for my age.” And as for the dress? She hasn’t tried anything on, but she’s ruling things out: “Not Vera Wang. I’m so tired of everyone saying Vera Wang!” Instead, she’s looking at Amsale, recommended to her by a friend — but one thing’s for sure: “No ballgowns!”

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She’s also nailing down the timing and location. “I think I want a spring wedding,” she said. “We’re like, do we do August and get it over with or do we wait a year? I think wait a year.” McCarthy also revealed that she and Walhberg wanted a wedding that was an easy destination from both their hometowns. “We both like New York because [coming from] Chicago and Boston, everyone can get to New York.”

But before she gets too deep into wedding planning, McCarthy is basking in the glow of the proposal, which had Donnie down on one knee with her son Evan, 11, next to him.. “Donnie could not have done it any better. He was going to do this, like, boat thing, and then at the last minute [changed it].” And the best part: “He actually had my son in on it for awhile, in cahoots. My son kept saying, ‘There’s a surprise coming and you don’t know about it!’ And then all of a sudden boom, he used Evan!”

She continued: “And I kept thinking as Donnie got on his knee, Evan will remember this for the rest of his life and know how to do it, know how to treat a woman, know the right person to do it with. It’s for real what we have.”


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