US arming Ukrainian junta would be a very extreme move – political analyst


President Obama shares Republican senators’ commitment to tough sanctions against Russia and assistance for the Ukrainian people, but opposes supplying military weapons and lethal aid to Ukraine.  The Voice of Russia talked to Andrew Korybko, a Moscow-based political analyst and journalist.

Do you think that these new threats are serious?

I really don’t think they are serious. Right now everyone has to consider that at the end of 2014 there is a huge mid-term election going on in the US and democrats and republicans are vying for control right now. In this case I think the republicans are just trying to look for some political posture. I don’t think it is that serious but then again we have seen the US take some unpredictable moves in this case and personally Barack Obama may feel pressure to act a little bit hawkish in this way because he is representing his party and his party needs to do well at the mid-term elections.

What is your forecast? Will Obama go through with it?

I don’t think he will. I think what he is going to do is he is going to pay more adlib service than anything but in the even that he does go through with it, he would be doing that because the US is not going to be harming itself by doing this economically, the US does not have a lot of economical relations with Russia. So, by doing this it has a lot less to lose than Europe would in that case.

Can we expect democrats pick in the same manner in the near future or is it just a republican thing?

I think it is both parties. This whole war of words is getting extreme height right now. I don’t think that the democrats are immune from it. I think right now they are sitting back, they are letting the republicans talk tough if you will. They are gaging how the American public is going to respond and if there is a positive response, of course the democrats will jump on that wagon and may try to make harsh rhetoric there. They might try to take ownership of that.

What would be the consequences of arming the junta?

Arming the junta would be a very extreme move. If 100 million dollars was sent to Ukraine, that would in a way Ukrainian junta more militaristic than Mikhail Saakashvili was in Georgia during his time especially when we look at the fact that right now there is an ongoing political and diplomatic crisis between the US and Russia and Ukraine. I think it would a type of confirmation of what the US political establishment has been talking about all along. They’ve been talking about that this is some type of new cold war. In reality it isn’t, but by taking a step that way, they are confirming their own delusions in making it so.

What are Americans hoping to achieve by that?

I think the first thing is that the US wants to isolate Russia. It wants to take the leadership role and make it seem as though the whole international community is trying to isolate the Russian Federation


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